Current landscape of Indian Education

Indian education has historically been a global benchmark. Aryabhatt, Swami Vivekananda and the likes are among the pioneering thought leaders whose education found roots in the mediaeval India's education ecosystem.

Come 2025, India will have 119 million young people, making India home to the largest student population in the world. Our educational institutes face critical challenges in meeting the steep demand for vocational and academic courses cross the country.

Education has also never been more expensive. Education institutes of all types and scale, will find it difficult to sustainably provide quality education at an affordable price, due to deeply ingrained conventional cost heads.

Lack of value-based education impedes character-building of students, that impacts an individual's holistic development, as well as resulting in a regressive society.

To make education in India accessible, affordable, and of global quality, e a fundamental Paradigm shift is needed in how we approach education.


Future trends for education in India

The future is being created now! Tomorrow's academic, professional and development needs of a student will be radically different from what we can imagine today. There are some clear trends, which are likely to influence what the future of today's students will look like.

  • Online learning will move from marginal activity into mainstream.
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will take to reduce the role of traditional teaching and mentoring roles.
  • Traditional forms of learning such as lectures, classes and examinations will undergo a radical transformation towards digital.
  • Virtualized teaching will enable classes to become tailored to students' individual learning needs.
  • Degrees will become much less important than they ever have been.

Challenge Vs Opportunity

  • Access to quality eduction VS VEA’s Best-in-class technology enabled education
  • Increasing cost of education VS VEA’s truly affordable education
  • Lack of focus on Indian values VS VEA’s Value based education ecosystem
  • One-size-fits-all approach VS VEA’s personalized learning approach

The VEA approach to education

Flexible learning environment
Student centered learning
Practical oriented learning
Thinking out of the box
Gamification of learning
Technology aided learning
Project based learning
Indianism for character building
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What makes us unique?

  • Blended curriculum
  • Immersive Technology
  • All-in-one platform
  • Re-imagining textbooks
  • Real life connect
  • Multidimensional learning

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