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Real Life Learning

Offers students the tools to explore their knowledge in a real-world context.

Activity Based Learning

Facilitates better understanding by creating far learning grounds for kids.

Student Friendly Learning

Emphasises meeting the individual needs of each student.


Pre School

Vishwaguru’s Pre-school is a high-quality pre-primary education emphasizing play and active learning while addressing young children’s natural curiosity is urgently needed. According to NCF requirements, significant effort has been made to make sure that our curriculum contributes to developing a setting that fosters sociality, offers linguistic variety, and stimulates kids cognitively and physically while maintaining safety and satisfaction. It is based on many widely used, validated research approaches.

Our Unique Approach

To offer an integrated learning approach with a specially designed curriculum to ensure holistic development in a pre-schooler’s five essential domains of learning, namely, cognitive, emotional, linguistic, social, and physical.

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