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Science Lab 1

Did you know the formation of the atoms of water that makes up to 70% of the human body? Watch to learn more.

Through our Science Labs, learning states of matter is an exciting way to explore the physical properties of matter and the changes that occur when it transitions between solid, liquid, and gas states. With digital science labs, students can observe and experiment with various substances to observe boiling and freezing points, surface tension, and the effects of pressure on states of matter. Additionally, digital science labs can provide students with the opportunity to interact with real-time simulations, allowing them to create their own experiments and explore the properties of matter in a safe and engaging way.


Science Lab 2

Every wondered how the electricity that runs up the world is generated? Watch to learn more.

Learning and practicing electricity flow and circuit construction through Vishwaguru's digital science labs is an invaluable experience. With modern technology, students can gain an understanding of the fundamentals of electricity, electrical components, and basic circuit design. Additionally, they can apply their knowledge to build and test circuits through virtual tools, such as circuit simulators and online tools. This allows them to understand the concepts and processes involved in electricity flow and circuit construction.


Science Lab 3

Do you know that human jaw exerts most force for its size in a human body? Watch to learn more.

We offer a great way to learn and practice forces and motion. Through interactive simulations and activities, students can experiment with different kinds of forces and motion and observe the effects of different combinations. In addition, students can measure the acceleration, velocity, and momentum of objects, as well as explore the effects of friction and gravity. With access to the latest technology, digital labs provide a safe and engaging environment for students to explore various aspects of forces and motion.


Language Labs – English / Hindi / Sanskrit

You know there are 26 Alphabets but 44 sounds in English language. Curious? Watch to learn more.

Learning languages through VEA's digital labs is an effective way to gain proficiency in the language. Learners can access interactive lessons, activities, and assessments tailored to their needs using our digital labs. Learners can also engage with multimedia activities, explore new vocabulary and develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. With the help of our digital labs, learners can learn English at their own pace, get instant feedback on their progress and develop their confidence.


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