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21st Century Skills : Postmodern World Requires Postmodern Solutions

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  • mate-date Jan 19 , 2023

The world has taken a quantum leap in the last half a decade. It is then only natural to ask what this change means for the education sector. The role of education as an agent of social change has taken on a new level of prominence. As we enter in to a postmodern world the need to curate postmodern solutions begins with reorienting our strategy.

As we embark on this journey, fundamental questions to ruminate on are :

Which environmental conditions are conducive for experiential learning?

What would the world be like a decade after your child has left school?

What skills would be in demand to achieve peak performance?

It may appear that the answer to these questions lies in the mounting information floating freely on various media platforms due to advent of technology and global economic interconnectedness. However such answers are more often than not a mirage. To scrutinize the bulk of free floating advice, we first need to categorize 21st Century skills. We at Vishwaguru have painstakingly compiled a fodder of crucial skills and incorporated them in the blueprint of our own curriculum and pedagogy.

Learning Skills Career and Life Skills Digital Literacy as need of the hour
Critical thinking Engaging with a multicultural Media literacy
Problem solving society Information literacy
Communication Leadership skills Information and communication technologies
Creativity and Innovation Adaptability Capacity Enhancement

Education pundits avow that in the future to come traditionally acquired degrees will become redundant, therefore the need to begin early and catch a fast pace has never been greater. The Vishwaguru academy believes in reimagining education and it is our mission that the approach to education must be equitable, interesting gamification of academics, aligned to accommodate different segments of the society, and ensure that it is future resilient.

If you look around you would hear the buzzwords artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, data computation as exciting lines of work that are expanding beyond the visible horizon. This has obvious ripple effects on the traditional teaching and mentoring roles, both in terms of opportunities and challenges. Education inevitably becomes the key to economic survival in the 21st century.

Postmodern solutions encompass the usage of state of art technology which reflects in our learning management software, innovative E-library, digital learning applications, and a scientifically designed curriculum. Beyond the internalization of technological advancements, we lay equal emphasis on building capacity to enable our students think out of the box. We believe in age appropriate progression, expansion of diverse learning opportunities, and most importantly an active incorporation of value education. Vishwaguru schools are sympathetic to the emerging woes of students and we state with utmost confidence that our approach is not merely an alternative but the most fundamental need of the hour.

Being quick in our learning journey and adept at skills needed in the 21st Century is a contribution to the self and the larger human society. Our mission statement is centered on the greater good, built on the insight and wisdom of education stalwarts. Postmodern world is the new reality, one which are confident to conquer through the best of our abilities.

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