The NEP : Dawn of a New Generation

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Education is a path to individual success, which then translates to national advancement. In the age of information bombardment, the attention span of an average student has reduced while distractions multiply abound. Our present education system has seen challenges dozen to a dime.

The New Education Policy then enters the classrooms like the first morning ray of bright sunshine. It is no secret that the school curriculum, assessment routine, and skill development has for long focussed on a one size fits all approach. With the NEP, transformation is sought from :

Rote based learning to Competency based learning.

Memorization of skills to fostering higher order, critical thinking skills, conceptual clarity and analytical skills.

Formative assessments to guide evaluation rather than merely bracketing students into inanimate blocks. The formative assessments help the teacher evaluate the difficulties faced by the student and the summative assessment help gauge their learning journey.

Weak remedial programmes that do not affectively address the learning shortcomings, thereby putting the child into a vicious cycle of learning poverty.

Teacher capacity constraints and inadequate training. To shape 21st Century leaders for tomorrow, there is a dire need to create 21st Century teachers for tomorrow.

10 Common Educations Questions and Answers

The diversification of work and functionality has strengthened in the post pandemic world; therefore Vishwaguru understands that a multidisciplinary education system is the need of the hour. Incorporating vocational education and internships early on gives an impetus to hand-eye coordination. As Mahatma Gandhi had envisioned in ‘Nai Talim’, experiential learning creates a complete personality as the child engages in the learning processes not merely to pass an assessment parameter but to engage all of their senses in decoding the given subject, thereby building on their competency.

4 C’s of the 21st skills

The NEP has hit the right cord by focusing on building the learning skills that are truly transformative. The four C’s are :

Critical Thinking – Ruminating on solutions beyond the given dictum.

Creativity – Thinking outside the box. Creativity allows students to assimilate information in a novel way. Oft times it is the cornerstone of innovation.

Collaboration – Team effort and sportsmanship spirit cannot be engrained in a single day. With group learning, the inculcation of people skills is enhanced significantly.

Communication – Beyond academics and into life, communication skills are non-negotiable. However mere recitation and presentation work would not suffice.

The new policy works on a matrix of the 4 C’s and combines it with literacy skills such as :

Information literacy skills – A foundation skill that focuses on integration of facts, figures, data.

Media Literacy – Understanding the multimodal approach through information is available.

Technological literacy – The information age has arrived in a new avatar. With technological aid, chat bots, virtual reality, and learning management systems, exploration of experiential learning has never been easier. We at Vishwaguru focus on the myriad ways in which each individual child can access education in a manner that best suits their intelligence type.

Digital learning can be explored an asset to enhance metacognitive skills. With greater emphasis on collaborative training and technological intervention, change promises to be impactful.

As the focus shifts from accumulating degrees to building capacity and core competencies, the NEP is the harbinger of change, the dawn of a new generation.

We at Vishwaguru seek to construct a befitting framework with a vision to transform the future of our nation. We sowed the seed for big dreams with a humble startup that is now taking flight. Our mission is to develop effective, equitable, engaging, and affordable approach to education. A state of art technology allows active incorporation of E-library, K-8 digital content, remote learning through instructor guidance, and a range of other facilities.

Through careful planning we have curated an all in one platform that incorporates connection with real life examples, value education, blended curriculum, and multidimensional learning. With earnest hope we look forward to a build a generation of inquisitive minds and happy hearts.

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